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“Call On the Lord”
June 2, 2024
“The Author of Diversity”
May 26, 2024
“Proof of Love”
May 12, 2024
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    Join us for an exciting journey into the prophetic book of Daniel.  Did he speak… Read More

    Church should be a place to connect with others. See what we have going on currently at Mason Memorial Community.
    Saturday, June 8, 2024, — Isaiah 1:18-19

           If seems that we always find ourselves caught between that which invites God into a full relationship with us, or… Read More

    Friday, June 7, 2024, — Galatians 4:8-11

           It seems that we are creatures of habit.  It appears to be within our nature as human creations of God to be… Read More

    Thursday, June 6, 2024, — Micah 4:5

           In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel “The Scarlet  Letter, he wrote: “No one, for any considerable period , can we… Read More

    Tuesday, June 4, 2024, — Deuteronomy 8:7-9

           From time to time, we need to remember all of the good things God has done for us.  And if we can’t remember… Read More

    Monday, June 3, 2024, — Micah 6:3-4

           “What have I done to you” is a question that we ask others when their actions toward us are inconsistent with our… Read More

    Sunday, June 2, 2024, — Jeremiah 2:4-13

           We live in an age when loyalty and faithfulness are fleeting.  Too often we’re distracted by things that mak… Read More

    Saturday, June 1, 2024 – John 7:37-39

           The absence of God’s Holy Spirit from the presence of humanity was a long dry season.  To believe that the w… Read More

    Friday, May 31, 2024 – Ephesians 2:17-20

           It is still a grievous experience to know that our understanding and acceptance of God is divided.  While we… Read More

    Thursday, May 30, 2024 – Acts 2:4-8

           The question that was asked at the conclusion of the Scripture in Acts is, indeed, an interesting one.  “How… Read More

    Wednesday, June 5, 2024, — Habakkuk 2:18-19

           Our gods and loyalties have taken on a different look in the twenty-first century.  While we may not craft o… Read More

    Wednesday, May 29, 2024 – Ephesians 4:4-7

           We often overlook what, at times, should be very obvious to us.  There is no division or divisiveness in God… Read More

    Tuesday, May 28, 2024 – Romans 10:8-10

           We live in a world of mutually conflicting ideas and opinions — indeed a world of truths and non-truths.  On… Read More

    Monday, May 27, 2024 – 1 John 4:2-3

           The discussion and contention has raged for any number of years around the question, “Is Jesus real or not?”… Read More

    Sunday, May 26, 2024 – 1 Corinthians 12:3-13

           The words detailing our beginning are forever etched in the minds of those who believe ― “We are created in the i… Read More

    Saturday, May 25, 2024 — Ephesians 2:17-22

           In our experience, the peace we seek and long for is often confused with the absence of chaos.  It’s because… Read More

    Friday, May 24, 2024 — Acts 2:32-33

           Proof of God’s Holy Spirit can be both seen and heard.  However, we need to adjust our understanding of what… Read More

    Thursday, May 23, 2024 — 1 John 2:27

           Our ability to see the reality of God is an internal reality through which God communicates with us, guiding us a… Read More

    Wednesday, May 22, 2024 — 1 Corinthians 2:11-13

           It’s an eerie feeling to believe that someone can read your mind.  The idea that someone is living inside of… Read More

    Tuesday, May 21, 2024 — Hebrews 1:1-3b

           We don’t often look to contemporary prophets as proof of God.  Perhaps that’s because prophets are not often… Read More

    Monday, May 20, 2024 — Exodus 33:18-20 (Tanakh Translation)

           Those of us in a relationship with god have longed to see God for some time, now.  From the days of Moses to… Read More

    Sunday, May 19, 2024 – John 14:8-12; 25-27

           People are constantly looking for proof that God is real.  4th century Bishop of the church, Augustine, was… Read More

    Saturday, May 18, 2024 – 1 Peter 1:22-23

           I imagine that one of the most difficult tasks of being a Christian is assembling the various parts that make us… Read More

    Friday, May 17, 2024 – 1 John 3:13-14

           For many people, love — that unconditional acceptance of others that is supposed to be proof of love for Christia… Read More

    Thursday, May 16, 2024 – 1 Thessalonians 4:9-10

           It’s difficult for us to believe that love can become stagnant.  However, if we are not making a concerted e… Read More

    Wednesday, May 15, 2024 – Ephesians 5:1-2

           Imitating God — now, there’s a concept.  The idea of loving Christ as he loved us is a high and noble goal…. Read More

    Tuesday, May 14, 2024 – 1 John 3:21-24

           For those who believe the law and its commandments have come to an end, we have come to a gross miscalculation an… Read More

    Monday, May 13, 2024 – 1 Peter 4:8-11

           Loving one another is not just something that we do without reason as persons imitating Jesus Christ.  Lovin… Read More

    Sunday, May 12, 2024 – John 13:31-35

           Branding is important for companies and organizations.  It’s what organizations use to identify themselves a… Read More

    Saturday, May 11, 2024 – 1 John 4:19-21

           It seems easy enough to say we love God.  To say we love God is one thing, but loving God is an action in re… Read More

    Friday, May 10, 2024 – Psalm 86:11-13

           Often, we think the reason that we exist is utilize some unique, innate gift or talent that we have.  And so… Read More

    Thursday, May 9, 2024 – 1 Peter 4:16-19

           It’s not unusual to think of loving others as primarily a positive and good thing.  That’s typically the cas… Read More

    Wednesday, May 8, 2024 – 2 Corinthians 9:13-15

           Obedience is not something that we talk about much in our culture.  Especially in today’s culture, the idea… Read More

    Tuesday, May 7, 2024 – Luke 6:43-45

         Integrity is an important part of our faith journey.  At some point we have a responsibility to develop and grow into th… Read More

    Monday, May 6, 2024 – Matthew 5:14-16

           There is no such thing as an invisible Christian. We were not called by God to act in secrecy, to be hidden, or t… Read More

    Sunday, May 5, 2024 – John 15:8-17

           There was a very popular song that once highlighted the theme, “What the world needs now, is love —sweet love.”… Read More

    Saturday, May 4, 2024 – Acts 10:46b-48

           One of our human characteristics is the art of creating hoops for people to jump through in order to be accepted…. Read More

    Friday, May 3, 2024 – Isaiah 53:7-8

           All of the early teachings of Christ and God’s gift of grace to the world are generated in the Scriptures of the… Read More

    Thursday, May 2, 2024 – Psalm 25:4-6

           Jesus has been quoted as saying, “If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the pit.”  Isn’t it then… Read More

    Wednesday, May 1, 2024 – Romans 10:12-15

           The best kept secrets are the ones that are never talked about.  In some ways, the Christian church has been… Read More

    Tuesday, April 30, 2024 – 1 Kings 8:41-43

           For the most part, there has always been a process established that took into consideration those who were consid… Read More

    Monday, April 29, 2024 – Zephaniah 3:9-10

           Perhaps it has always been God’s desire that all people everywhere be unified as we give praises and honor to God… Read More

    Sunday, April 28, 2024 – Acts 8:26-39

           Many of us are raised with a value system partly shaped by our parents, our culture, our relational experiences,… Read More

    Saturday, April 27, 2024 – Psalm 45:7-8

           We often think of an anointing, when in reality, oil can be used as a metaphor to identify something real but dif… Read More

    Friday, April 26, 2024, – Psalm 31:19-20

           When we consider the goodness of God, we don’t often think of “how” God works to protect us.  Even though we… Read More

    Thursday, April 25, 2024 – Psalm 43:1-3a

           Author and once Democratic candidate for President Marianne Williamson was once quoted as saying: “Our deepest fe… Read More

    Wednesday, April 24, 2024 — Ezekiel 20:9-12

           For many of us, all we have is our name.  If we were people of great power, we could effect that power to ac… Read More

    Tuesday, April 23, 2024 – Isaiah 49:8-10

           One of our greatest human needs is our desire to know we will be cared for.  To live with the security that… Read More

    Monday, April 22, 2024 – John 10:14-16

           Our safety and security is important to us.  It’s one of the reasons home security companies do so well in o… Read More

    Sunday, April 21, 2024 – Psalm 23

           We are a people who, for the most part, love our independence.  We like to be free to live our lives as we w… Read More

    Saturday, April 20, 2024 – Isaiah 55:6-7

           God’s offer of grace is not really new.  Even before the prophet Isaiah recorded these words, God has offere… Read More

    Friday, April 19, 2024 – Ephesians 3:8-10

           Our personal success is important to us.  And because it is important, we love to celebrate our accomplishme… Read More

    Thursday, April 18, 2024 – Matthew 21:28-32

           The stories (or parables) that Jesus told tell us so much.  They were not designed to show that we act out o… Read More

    Wednesday, April 17, 2024 – 1 Corinthians 1:26-30

           It’s a difficult thing to admit our ignorance about almost anything.  And yet if we look back and examine ou… Read More

    Tuesday, April 16, 2024 – Proverbs 3:5-8

           We (the human family) have always had a strong desire to chart our own destiny, and be our own people led by our… Read More

    Monday, April 15, 2024 – Acts 22:14-16

           How many times must we require tangible evidence before we are ready to accept the truth that has already been sp… Read More

    Sunday, April 14, 2024 – Acts 3:12-19

           Humanity has long looked for and thought of ways to achieve perfection.  We’ve tried almost everything imagi… Read More

    Saturday, April 13, 2024 – 2 Corinthians 4:17-18

           Faith and fact will always live in tension with one another.  One requires tangible evidence and empirical p… Read More

    Friday, April 12, 2024 – Philippians 4:6-9

           There have been many prayers for peace in our world.  Most of those prayers come from living with the fear o… Read More

    Thursday, April 11, 2024 – Zechariah 12:10

           Scholars from both Jewish and Christian disciplines have tried to interpret God’s words to the prophets, all with… Read More

    Wednesday, April 10, 2024 – Matthew 18:18-20

           There are those who believe that as children of God we are mostly powerless because we lack the power of 1stcentu… Read More

    Tuesday, April 9, 2024 – Genesis 2:7

           God created humans from the dust of the ground.  However, life began after we had inhaled the breath of God…. Read More

    Monday, April 8, 2024 – 1 Corinthians 15:3-5

           The need for proof will not go away.  There will always be skeptics and doubters among us.  But just as… Read More

    Sunday, April 7, 2024 – John 20:19-31

           Faith is a peculiar thing.  On one level it leads us to do things that, after having accomplished them, we k… Read More

    Saturday, April 6, 2024 – Isaiah 40:1-2, 9-11

           The words are from antiquity, but they find their truth in God’s promise to generations that never heard the prop… Read More

    Friday, April 5, 2024 – Romans 8:37-39

           Paul got it right.  He understood the truth about God and the scope of God’s love for us.  For all who… Read More

    Thursday, April 4, 2024 – John 1:43-46

           Good news travels fast.  At least that’s what the old adage says.  And we were not the first to hear th… Read More

    Wednesday, April 3, 2024 – Luke 2:10-12

           The first of the good news began in antiquity but found its heralds (the angels) from God sharing the beginning o… Read More

    Tuesday, April 2,2024 – Isaiah 53:9

           Most of what we revisit in the resurrection of our Christ is the newness of life that comes with His rising…. Read More

    Monday, April 1, 2024 – Mark 15:39-41

           There were heavenly witnesses to all that happened at the crucifixion of Jesus.  All heaven was watching…. Read More

    Resurrection Day – Sunday, March 31, 2024 – Mark 16:1-8

           Our thoughts about death are rarely comfortable ones.  In fact, our thoughts about death and entry into ceme… Read More

    Holy Saturday, March 30, 2024 – Luke 23: 56b

           The commandment was to rest on the Sabbath day.  According to the story, God worked for six days and on the… Read More

    Good Friday, March 29, 2024 — Matthew 27:33-37

           He died.  There are no other words to describe it.  We may relive the agony of it, the horrid way in wh… Read More

    Maundy Thursday, March 28, 2024 — Mark 14:17-20

           The last meal has become standard fare for those who were facing the death penalty.  Perhaps it’s a way for… Read More

    Wednesday, March 27, 2024 – John 5:43-44

           Blind faith is not new.  At least not the kind of blind faith that compels us to follow people whom we neith… Read More

    Tuesday, March 26, 2024, 2 Kings 9:11-13

           When there is an important event, or someone is made king, providing a welcoming walkway is expected.  When Jehu was b… Read More

    Monday, March 25, 2024 – Zechariah 9:9

           My father used to say from time to time when I was a child, “Mark my word.”  It meant that what he had said… Read More

    Sunday, March 24, 2024, Palm Sunday – John 12:12-16

           Three years is a long time spend with someone, listening to them teach, watching them work miracles, believing th… Read More

    Saturday, March 23, 2024 – 1 Samuel 15:20-24

           Obedience as a means of discipline has lost it’s since of importance in our world and culture.  We’ve evolve… Read More

    Friday, March 22, 2024 – Psalm 22:23-24

           There is a tendency for us to believe that when we suffer, we suffer alone.  Often it’s because others may e… Read More

    Thursday, March 21, 2024 – Luke 22:41-44

           I imagine that it’s difficult to see your personal suffering coming at you full speed while knowing that your des… Read More

    Wednesday, March 20, 2024 – Hebrews 1:1-2; 3b-5

           I must have been a marvelous experience to have heard God proclaim to Jesus in the midst of those who heard, “You… Read More

    Tuesday, March 19, 2024 – Romans 8:16-17

           There’s a story that points to our relationship to Christ and suffering.  We don’t often consider that suffe… Read More

    Monday, March 18, 2024 — John 8:54

           We all perhaps know people who live and exist in the radiance of their own personhood.  They’re unabashedly… Read More

    Sunday, March 17, 2024 – Hebrews 5:5-10

           Many people have suffered in life.  So, suffering — in and of itself — is not new to the human family. … Read More

    Saturday, March 16, 2024 – 1 John 1:5-7

           The whole of what it means to living a Masterful life generally comes down to our relationship with God and how w… Read More

    Friday, March 15, 2024 – Ephesians 5:8-14

           I was once told that there were two kinds of dirt.  There is dark dirt that gets on light stuff, and light d… Read More

    Thursday, March 14, 2024 – John 9:39-41

           One of the greatest benefits of living Masterfully is freedom — freedom from guilt; freedom from shame; the freed… Read More

    Wednesday, March 13, 2024 – Romans 8:1-3

           There is a benefit to masterful living —living in a way that models Christ) — that we don’t frequently think abou… Read More

    Tuesday, March 12, 2024 – 1 John 4:8-10

           The idea of living through someone else sometimes escapes us.  Our current language defines it as living vic… Read More

    Monday, March 11, 2024 — Numbers 21:6-9

           It’s hard to imagine being overwhelmed by snakes.  The story almost seems like something out of a Hollywood… Read More

    Sunday, March 10, 2024 – John 3:14-21

           There are people who do all kinds of things, some of them good, some of them evil; some of them are done well, so… Read More

    Saturday, March 9, 2024 – John 10:17-19

           There is within the transfer of power, a radical change in the order of things.  It can change who has autho… Read More

    Friday, March 8, 2024 – 1 Corinthians 5:19-20

           If you’re like most people, you were born into this world a vessel of flesh and bones, simply labeled human…. Read More

    Thursday, March 7, 2024 – Matthew 12:38-40

           God has never been reluctant to give us a sign of the radical change that disrupts our lives.  Neither Ahaz… Read More

    Wednesday, March 6, 2024 – Psalm 69:7-9

           How devoted to God does one have to be in order to become offended at and by those who offend God?  And, how… Read More

    Tuesday, March 5, 2024 – Micah 3:1-4

           For years God has been telling us (God’s people) that He was coming.  We’ve been told the way in which God w… Read More

    Monday, March 4, 2024 – Deuteronomy 16:1-2

           It’s difficult to celebrate life when your life is the control of another.  When another person controls whe… Read More

    Sunday, March 3, 2024 – John 2:13-21

           Everyone I know suffers from what is known as “the Human Condition”.  It’s that very normal condition based… Read More

    Saturday, March 2, 2024 – Luke 6:46-48

           The nature of who Christ is to us is, in very real ways, determined by our response to Christ’s call upon our liv… Read More

    Friday, March 1, 2024 – Psalm 49:7-10

           At times, I’m amazed at how cheaply we value the life we’ve received from God.  We sell it for nickels and d… Read More

    Thursday, February 29, 2024 – Luke 12:19-20

           Death is called the great equalizer.  It renders the rich, the poor, the sick, the healthy, the famous, and… Read More

    Wednesday, February 28, 2024 – Matthew 17:9-12

           We have to admit that we are often blind to those things that God does right before our very eyes.  It’s not… Read More

    Tuesday, February 27, 2024 – Mark 14:58-62

           Those of us who have accepted Christ as the Messiah have little trouble believing that he is the Messiah, the Son… Read More

    Monday, February 26, 2024 – Luke 9:7-8

           We live constantly with spiritual perplexities.  We can’t make sense of God and what God is doing in our wor… Read More

    Sunday, February 25, 2024 – Mark 8:27-38

           Life is supposed to be fairly simple.  There shouldn’t be tremendous complications around how to live or how… Read More

    Saturday, February 24, 2024, John 6:35-40

           Life is precious and temporary — at least it is for those who haven’t found a way to navigate around life’s end c… Read More

    Friday, February 23, 2024, Ephesians 1:5-10

           Thoughts of our destiny are not usually a conversation piece in everyday life.  We live more as “now people”… Read More

    Thursday, February 22, 2024, 2 Peter 3:8-9

           For some of us, the idea of living in a relationship with God is of extreme importance.   We typically… Read More

    Wednesday, February 21, 2024, John 3:16-17

           The scripture, John 3:16, has used so often and become so popular that it’s almost hackneyed.  Just seeing t… Read More

    Tuesday, February 20, 2024, John 1:29-34

           Those of us who are Christian have arrived at two truths.  One — Jesus is the Son of God, and two — we have… Read More

    Monday, February 19, 2024, Isaiah 64:1-2

           Prophets of old prayed about it — that God would come down from highest heaven and be among God’s people so that… Read More

    Sunday, February 18, 2024, Mark 1:9-15

           There have been many things said about God and stories told about God.  In a previous age of antiquity, poor… Read More

    Saturday, February 17, 2024 – Isaiah 42:1

           All days are ordinary for most of us.  We typically awaken in the morning to proceed on with our day. … Read More

    Friday, February 16, 2024, – Exodus 24:-18

           Sunday was Transfiguration Sunday in the life of the Christian church.  It marked the last Sunday before we… Read More

    Thursday, February 15, 2024 – Nehemiah 8:14-16

           When Moses was given the law commanding that the people should dwell in booths and Nehemiah issued the order for… Read More

    Wednesday, February 14, 2024 – Mark 14:40-41 (as related to Luke 9:28-36)

           Perhaps we all become bored with the idea of waiting.  The disciples didn’t have video games to occupy their… Read More

    Ash Wednesday Devotion, February 14, 2024 – Joel 2:1-2, 12-14

           Today is the beginning of the Lenten season.  It is a time for us to examine our lives, to consider what it… Read More

    Tuesday, February 13, 2024 — Daniel 7:9;

           Our daily experience with and of God is not typically one in which we experience a personal sighting of our Creat… Read More

    Monday, February 12, 2024 — Luke 3:21-22

           It may seem that prayer is an ordinary thing to do.  After all, most of us do it.  We perhaps kneel in… Read More

    Sunday, February 11, 2024, — Luke 9:28-36

           We are often attracted to the miracles that Jesus performs.  We love to read about and hear the stories of h… Read More

    Saturday, February 10, 2024, Matthew 5:43-47

           To see Christ is — in some ways — to see God’s presence in a way in which we recognize God’s grace and forgivenes… Read More

    Friday, February 9, 2024, John 16:1-4

           The history of our relationship to each other as God’s creation is less than stellar.  We fail to understand… Read More

    Thursday, February 8, 2024, Hebrews 11:36-38

           Life isn’t easy for those who are the target of people motivated to do them harm.  And our record of dealing… Read More

    Wednesday, February 7, 2024, Daniel 7:12-14

           Life comes at us from so many directions.  We, at times, become so distracted with everything that’s going o… Read More

    Tuesday, February 6, 2024, Genesis 4:6-8

           Our violence and outpouring of rage against one another is as old as time.  The first biblical record is tha… Read More

    Monday, February 5, 2024, Matthew 23:34, 37

           God’s record is clear and accurate.  Bad things happen to all people, whether they are “good” or bad.  … Read More

    Sunday, February 4, 2024, Acts 7:51- 8:1

           Christians have often been accused of being hypocritical.  The charge is laid at our door because there are… Read More

    Saturday, February 3, 2024, John 6:57-59

           No one seeks martyrdom.  It is not in us to seek our own death to prove a particular point in life.  Th… Read More

    Friday, February 2, 2024, Acts 7:54-58a

           It is difficult for many people to accept the truth, especially when it is the truth about themselves.  Whil… Read More

    Thursday, February 1, 2024, Matthew 13:54-57

           It’s very difficult to walk or run from the shadows of history, much less escape your past.  People who may… Read More

    Wednesday, January 31, 2024, John 6:40-42

           We are sometimes caught in the middle of what we perceive is our life’s journey when we discover that there are p… Read More

    Tuesday, January 30, 2024, Ezekiel 3:1-3

           We’ve all probably heard the term at one time or another, “music to my ears.”  This phrase usually speaks of… Read More

    Monday, January 29, 2024, Psalm 146:5-8

           We are often amazed at what God has done, is doing, and will do for us.  I’m not sure we should be amazed…. Read More

    Sunday, January 28, 2024, Luke 4:16-30

           There is a scientific law which simply identifies two relatives.  One is a movable object.  The other i… Read More

    Saturday, January 27, 2024, Matthew 7:16-20

           We’ve done everything, as humans, to talk about the world’s need for more love.  We’ve created songs about i… Read More

    Friday, January 26, 2024, Luke 3:9-11

           A life that is only half productive is really a life of impotence.  Impotence indicates that a person is inc… Read More

    Thursday, January 25, 2024, Hebrews 11:31-34

           We like to think of faith as simply something that we have.  I would suggest that in most of our minds, our… Read More

    Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 1 Thessalonians 1:1-3

           We’ve always been in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ for two reasons.  One is our faith, and th… Read More

    Tuesday, January 23, 2024, Romans 4:2-5

           From the time of Abraham, faith has been the factor motivating people to action. It is not the works themselves w… Read More

    Monday, January 22, 2024, John 3:17-20

           English writer John Donne (pronounced Dunn) once wrote that “no man is an island unto himself”.  It is, perh… Read More

    Sunday, January 21, 2024, James 2:14-26

           As United Methodists, we have a rather traditional position about our faith.  From the Wesleyan perspective… Read More

    Saturday, January 20, 2024 – Psalm 9:7-10

           We live in a culture that sometimes judges people for what they do rather than for who they are.  Martin Lut… Read More

    Friday, January 19, 2024 – 2 Corinthians 6:1-2

           Someone once said, “If you see someone in a fight with a bear and you don’t help them, you’re helping the bear.”… Read More

    Thursday, January 18, 2024 – Isaiah 58:5-6

           God’s word has long spoken to us about the duties of faith.  A fast, which calls our attention and focus upo… Read More

    Wednesday, January 17, 2024 – Isaiah 42:5-8

           We often take the grace of God for granted.  In a book titled “The Cost of Discipleship” Dietrich Bonhoeffer… Read More

    Tuesday, January 16, 2024 – Psalm 146:5-9

           We don’t often think about the experience of liberation.  It’s a difficult concept to grasp unless you’ve pe… Read More

    Monday, January 15, 2024 – Matthew 11:2-6

           One undeniable witness of the presence of Christ is that his work has been the work of liberation.  It was a… Read More

    Sunday, January 14, 2024 – Luke 4:16-21

           As United Methodists, we commit ourselves to the value of human life and quality.  Our social principles spe… Read More

    Saturday, January 13, 2024 — James 5:4-6

           It’s not often that we see ourselves as wealthy — as people who live in luxury and pleasure.  And yet, there… Read More

    Friday, January 12, 2024 — Luke 6:30-32

           It’s difficult for us to think of being generous to the extent that we would give to anyone who begs from us…. Read More

    Thursday, January 11, 2024 — Proverbs 14:31

           Our relationship with the poor has often been strained by our need to characterize them as unwelcome and undesira… Read More

    Wednesday, January 10, 2024 — Luke 16:19-21

           There are so many crumbs that fall from our tables — blessings we could give to others without penalty or loss…. Read More

    Tuesday, January 9, 2024 — Deuteronomy 15:10-11

           The Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible or Canon) uses the term kinsman in place of fellow Israelites, meaning one who is re… Read More

    Monday, January 8, 2024 — Amos 5:12-15a

           In some ways, we are invited to see those who are considered poor as victims of a system of injustice.  Ther… Read More

    Sunday, January 7, 2024, Isaiah 25:1-10a

           The focus of ministry in January usually turns towards issues of justice, especially around the celebration of Martin Luthe… Read More

    Saturday, January 6, 2024 — Deuteronomy 7:9;

           God’s commitment to faithfulness has existed from the beginning.  That we have discovered that “faithfulness… Read More

    Friday, January 5, 2024 — Isaiah 8:13-15

           We’ve never really celebrated Christ and his birth as an even that would become a problem for some people. … Read More

    Thursday, January 4, 2024 — Isaiah 42:6-7

           The life we experience is a direct result of God’s commitment to faithfulness.  We live each day experiencin… Read More

    Wednesday, January 3, 2024 — 1 Corinthians 1:4-9

           The truth is we live by the promises God makes to us and we rely on God’s commitment to faithfulness to experienc… Read More

    Tuesday, January 2, 2024 — Isaiah 25:9

           God’s promises are sometimes a long time coming.  700 years before the birth of Christ, God made a promise t… Read More

    Monday, January 1, 2024 — Exodus 13:1-2

           Often our relationship with God has always been one of covenant.  Even when Abraham was engaged in a bargain… Read More

    Sunday, December 31, 2023 — Luke 2:22-35

           Our lives revolve around the acts of faithfulness.  Not much is accomplished without it.  But as import… Read More

    Saturday, December 30 – Matthew 2:13-23

           One of our greatest concerns in life is safety.  It’s important to us wherever we are.  We want our hom… Read More

    Friday, December 29 – Isaiah 11:3-4a

                All of the things we say we desire in a leader are promised by God.  We look f… Read More

    Thursday, December 28 – Titus 2:11-13

                While the nation of Israel — indeed, all creation — waited for love to be born, it… Read More

    Wednesday, December 27, 2023 — Isaiah 30:8

           When Zechariah was asked what name to name the child, because he couldn’t speak, he had to write it down for all… Read More

    Tuesday, December 26, 2023 — December 26 – Luke 2:8-12

           Stories abound of all the people informed of the birth of Christ.  Heavenly messengers brought the good news… Read More

    Monday, December 25 – Isaiah 9:6

           We sometimes begin to believe that Jesus’ birth would be defined by his authority among worldly leaders.  An… Read More

    Sunday, December 24, 2023 — Luke 1:57-64

           They had waited for God’s promise to them that love would be born.  And now, the promise is coming to pass i… Read More

    Saturday, December 23, 2023 – Galatians 3:16-18

           We all live within the promises of God made to Abraham long ago.  We additionally live with God’s faithfulne… Read More

    Friday, December 22, 2023 – Psalm 98:2-4

           Whenever we’re celebrating God’s present actions in the world and what God has done, we are faced with the realiz… Read More

    Thursday, December 21, 2023 – Luke 1:46-56

           Celebrating what God is planning to do unless we live with the knowledge that God is faithful is virtually imposs… Read More

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023 – Zephaniah 3:17

           We rarely think of God rejoicing over us.  If we’re honest, we often see God as loving, but we’re also fearf… Read More

    Tuesday, December 19, 2023 – Deuteronomy 28:2-4

           The blessings of God fall on us all because of God’s goodness.  They are a part of God’s Spirit of generosit… Read More

    Monday, December 18, 2023 – Psalm 34:1-3

           Words praise and adoration are always due our God.  When we consider all that God has done, all that God is… Read More

    Sunday, December 17, 2023 – Luke 1:39-45

           When I was a child, I had the distinct honor of being my grade school building spelling champion.  I hadn’t… Read More

    Saturday, December 16, 2023 – Luke 1:37-38: Genesis 18:12-14

           Mary is not the first one to question God’s ability to accomplish great things.  But our world is full of sk… Read More

    Friday, December 15, 2023 – Psalm 89:3-4

           We live in a fast food, drive-through world.  We’ve grown accustomed to living in a culture where we can pla… Read More

    Thursday, December 14, 2023 – Isaiah 7:10-14

           The promise reaches back 700 years to a prophet named Isaiah and a ruler named Ahaz.  Ahaz could have named… Read More

    Wednesday, December 13, 2023 – Luke 1:29-33

           Troubling comments by an angel that “The Lord is with her” send Mary into a state of perplexity.  And yet th… Read More

    Tuesday, December 12, 2023 – Luke 1:34-36

           There is so much about God that we don’t understand.  We are not alone in this.  There seems to be a di… Read More

    Monday, December 11, 2023 – Isaiah 25:6-8

           I was just a boy who had taken his jacket to the ballpark one evening.  After all, all baseball pitchers nee… Read More

    Sunday, December 10, 2023 – Luke 1:24-28

           Elizabeth has conceived out of God’s faithful promise to Zechariah.  She has been the reproach of her people… Read More

    Saturday, December 9, 2023 — John 3:27-28

    Messiah, the idea that he had come was not wasted on John the Baptist.  And while we may want to project our anticipation forward to end our wait… Read More

    Friday, December 8, 2023 — Genesis 15:7-8

           Promises that speak of a future for us always cause us to ask the question, “How will I know?”  At the heart… Read More

    Thursday, December 7, 2023 — Jeremiah 1:4-5

           Many of us don’t realize that our lives are lived out in relation to our calling.  Before we were born, we w… Read More

    Wednesday, December 6, 2023 — 1 Chronicles 23:13-14

           Our lives are steeped in tradition.  And it doesn’t matter if that tradition orders a special place for us o… Read More

    Tuesday, December 5, 2023 — Luke 1:18-23

           Waiting is an unavoidable part of life.  We all do it.  We all have to.  Zechariah and Elizabeth h… Read More

    Monday, December 4, 2023 — Judges 13:2-3

           We’ve heard of it happening before.  The little boy is given a seed to plant and he is promised that if he p… Read More

    Sunday, December 3, 2023 — Luke 1:5-17

           This day in Zechariah’s life, like most days for us, started out very normally.  A humble priest was going a… Read More

    Saturday, December 2, 2023 — 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11

           It is sometimes difficult for us to get past our disappointments and frustrations with each other and move forwar… Read More

    Friday, December 1, 2023 — Romans 15:1-6

           It’s very difficult for us to put aside our frustrations with others when they fail to meet our standards and exp… Read More

    Thursday, November 30, 2023 — 1 Corinthians 14:24b-26

           God’s gifts to us are most prevalent and reach their greatest magnitude when we come together and are able to sha… Read More

    Wednesday, November 29, 2023 — Ephesians 4:11-13

           God’s divine plan for us is not laid out randomly.  God has a plan for us with purpose.  That God would… Read More

    Tuesday, November 28, 2023 — 1 Corinthians 14:10-12

           We often speak of exercising our faith.  And yet, exercising our faith is more than going through the ritual… Read More

    Monday, November 27, 2023 — Romans 12:4-8

           It’s clear that we have all been given a gift from God to use for the benefit of everyone.  It’s also clear… Read More

    Sunday, November 26, 2023 — 1 Corinthians 12:4-11

           The idea that we have a gift from the Spirit of God sometimes goes over our head.  Perhaps it’s because when… Read More

    Saturday, November 18, 2023 – Exodus 16:13-18

           We live in an age of consumerism.  It’s a concept that we don’t often think of as anything that would have a… Read More

    Friday, November 17, 2023 – 2 Corinthians 9:8-9

           Our eagerness to give is often shadowed by our fear of not having enough.  We have — somewhere along life’s… Read More

    Thursday, November 16, 2023 – Mark 12:41-44

           Giving to God’s work through our offerings to the church is not a contest.  The wealthy and the poor are nei… Read More

    Wednesday, November 15, 2023 – Hebrews 13:15-16

           We’ve all heard the story of the pig and the chicken who discovered a poor and hungry person sleeping in the hay… Read More

    Tuesday, November 14, 2023 – Matthew 20:26-27

           If we enter into our relationship with God in truth, then we will eventually come to realize that we can never gi… Read More

    Sunday, November 12, 2023 – 2 Corinthians 8:7-15

           When we think of someone being eager, our thoughts immediately run to the person who is not only excited about do… Read More

    Monday, November 13, 2023 – 1 Timothy 6:17-19

           We sometimes get caught up in the trends of our culture allowing the culture to define and tell us what real life… Read More

    Saturday, November 11, 2023 – John 10:9-10

           We get so caught up in the complexities of our life and world that we seldom allow ourselves to remember the days… Read More

    Friday, November 10, 2023 – John 14:11-12

           One would think it impossible to do greater things than Jesus.  And to be honest, it boggles the mind to eve… Read More

    Thursday, November 9, 2023 – 1 Corinthians 9:24-26

           Each day we awaken to life, we awaken to life anew.  Each day we are given is a day to hone our skills in be… Read More

    Wednesday, November 8, 2023 – Ephesians 4:20-24

           We have to admit that more than anything else the blessing of our faith is that our God is a God of many chances…. Read More

    Tuesday, November 7, 2023 – 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

           Death, while not a daily experience for all of us, has a profound impact on our outlook on life when it comes…. Read More

    Monday, November 6, 2023 – 1 Peter 1:12

           For the most part, we are so wrapped up in our current reality that we often fail to recognize the gift we have a… Read More

    Sunday, November 5, 2023 – Hebrews 11:29-12:2

           We are not easily persuaded that death points to a better life.  After all, we don’t really know much about… Read More

    Saturday, November 4, 2023, Hebrews 10:35-36

           If you’ve ever lost your confidence before, then you know it can have a devastating impact on every part of our l… Read More

    Friday, November3, 2023, Ephesians 2:12

           We’ve probably lived in our relationship with Christ so long that we can’t remember what hopelessness feels like…. Read More

    Thursday, November 2, 2023, 1 Corinthians 16:5-7

           People are notorious for laying out their personal plans with the idea that they are somehow in control of their… Read More

    Wednesday, November 1, 2023, Hebrews 9:13-15b

           What we live for and look to receive (as believers) are the eternal promises of God.  Our hopes in life coun… Read More

    Tuesday, October 31. 2023, Jeremiah 3:21-24

           Life has a way of throwing us off of our game.  Frustrations, failures, disappointments, distractions, inter… Read More

    Monday, October 30, 2023, Philippians 3:13-14

           One of the most difficult things to do is to put yesterday behind us.  In some ways, if yesterday was good t… Read More

    Sunday, October 29, 2023, Hebrews 6:1-12

           It’s so easy for us to become trapped in the details of what it means to be Christian.  This is especially t… Read More

    Saturday, October 28, 2023, Matthew 5:3-9

           When we think of God’s justice, we’re often consumed with what will happen to those who antagonize and aggravate… Read More

    Friday, October 27, 2023, Joel 2:25-27

           For the most part, we have made up our minds about what justice is.  While we are willing to acknowledge tha… Read More

    Thursday, October 26, 2023, Genesis 18:22-26

           We’ve often asked the question, “Why does evil persist, and why doesn’t God do something about it?”  And per… Read More

    Wednesday, October 25, 2023, Malachi 4:1-2

           It is foolish for us to believe that evil and injustice will go on forever.  Every indication is that God’s… Read More

    Tuesday, October 24, 2023, Luke 16:19-25

           We are compelled to face the truth about our participation in God’s justice for our time.  The truth is that… Read More

    Monday, October 23, 2023, Jeremiah 36, 2-3

           God’s justice for our time is not operating without a priority, or an end result in mind.  While we think of… Read More

    Sunday, October 22, 2023, Zephaniah 3:7-13

           Waiting for God to act against injustice is not on our agenda.  We’re disappointed, anxious, and impatient w… Read More

    Saturday, October 21, 2023, Romans 15:7-8

           One of the modern ways of making progress and being successful has at its foundation the idea to “begin with the… Read More

    Friday, October 20, 2023, 1 Peter 5:2-4

           We live in a world that is changing daily.  That’s not new.  What is different are the heightened sense… Read More

    Thursday, October 19, 2024, Romans 15:30-32

           At some point, justice becomes more than just a way to make sure that people pay for their wrongdoings.  The… Read More

    Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 2 Corinthians 8:23-24

           It’s easy to get lost in the reasons we do things. To fulfill some social or moral code – to uphold law and order… Read More

    Tuesday, October 17, 2023, Acts 21:33-34

           We’ve said from the beginning that true justice happens when we begin with the truth.  Without truth, justic… Read More

    Monday, October 16, 2023, 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12

           For those of us who have children, we know that challenges and struggles of parenthood.  It’s probably in th… Read More

    Sunday, October 15, 2023, Philemon 8-11, 17-21

           We don’t often ask all of the questions we need to ask about justice.  We want it.  There’s no question… Read More

    Saturday, October 14, 2023, Zechariah 7:8-10

           There is a relationship between how we relate to God and how we relate to each other.  God is due all honor… Read More

    Friday, October 13, 2023, John 9:39-41

           While not found in the Bible anywhere, there is a statement that is quoted: “There are none so blind and those wh… Read More

    Thursday, October 12, 2023, Psalm 89:13-16

           Many people revere and honor God as the God of power and might.  I’m sure there are reasons which point to G… Read More

    Wednesday, October 11, 2023, Mark 12:32-34

           Sometimes our love of God and how we honor God is determined by how we live our lives within the tradition and st… Read More

    Tuesday, October 10, 2023, Matthew 5:23-24

           We can’t deny that offering our gifts back to God is one of the most powerful displays of faith and commitment to… Read More

    Monday, October 9, 2023, Luke 10:40-42

           It’s not unusual for us to become distracted.  Distractions take away our focus from what we should be doing… Read More

    Sunday, October 8, 2023, Matthew 23:16-24

           It’s very difficult to keep the main thing the main thing.  We’re often so impacted by life’s changes that w… Read More

    Saturday, October 7, 2023, John 10:16

           There’s comedy routine, often done between siblings (at least played out by actors pretending to be siblings) whe… Read More

    Friday, October 6, 2023, Zechariah 8:20-22

           We do God an injustice when we make the presumption that people who haven’t shared our specific human experiences… Read More

    Thursday, October 5, 2023, Isaiah 19:24-25; Romans 11:30-32

             It would seem that those who have been in hostile relationships with God’s people would be the last to be… Read More

    Wednesday, October 4, 2023, Matthew 12:9-13

           We all live with limitations in our lives.  There are some things which, for reasons of moral, ethical and/o… Read More

    Tuesday, October 3, 2023, Deuteronomy 23:7-8

           There is a song that was popular in the previous century, but whose words are indicative of a current reality…. Read More

    Monday, October 2, 2023, Isaiah 61:8

           There is an old saying which says, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”  It’s a phrase typically used… Read More

    Sunday, October 1, 2023, Isaiah 56:1-8

           The dictionary offers several definitions of the word maintain.  The word can mean to ‘keep in an existing s… Read More

    Saturday, September 30, 2023, Luke 18:2-5

           Jesus begins the story in this text explaining why the disciples should pray and never give up praying.  But… Read More

    Friday, September 29, 2024, Hebrews 10:4-7

           Somehow, we’ve understood God’s will to include a number of things.  At times, we’ve considered the conclusi… Read More

    Thursday, September 28, 2023, Isaiah 56:1-2

           We (members of the human family) tend to overly complicate things.  It’s not new for us.  God gave Mose… Read More

    Wednesday, September 27, 2023, Amos 5:22-24

           It’s difficult for us to believe that as much time as we in the church spend creating a meaningful and sacred wor… Read More

    Tuesday, September 26, 2023, Jeremiah 22:3

           Our God doesn’t seem to offer us a passive role in seeking justice as a way to live our lives.  It appears t… Read More

    Monday, September 25, 2023, Psalm 40:6-8

           When we think about sacrifices and offerings, we typically point to those things we give up (either willingly or… Read More

    Sunday, September 24, 2023, Micah 6:6-8

           Any time we come before our God we should come with all of the humility we can muster.  And perhaps that is… Read More

    Saturday, September 23, 2023, 1 Corinthians 4:4-5

          We desire to live our lives with a clear conscience.  And because having a clear conscience is the soft place to l… Read More

    Friday, September 22, 2023, Isaiah 1:11, 16-17

           We’re very good at telling ourselves that we’re doing the right thing.  When we go to church (whether in per… Read More

    Thursday, September 21, 2023, Luke 16:13-15a

           While cultures and world communities vary, in every culture or community I can think of, money is often the deter… Read More

    Wednesday, September 20, 2023, James 1:13-17

           Several years ago, the popular comedian named Flip Wilson coined a comedic phrase on his television show denying… Read More

    Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 1 Samuel 15:22-23a

           Arrogance is defined as “… an attitude of superiority shown by an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or… Read More

    Monday, September 18, 2023, Obadiah 1:3

           It’s been said before: “Pride goes before the fall…”.  We’ve seen it played out in our lives in real time as… Read More

    Sunday, September 17, 2023, Proverbs 21:2-3

           Humans — above all creation — have the inherent ability to deceive ourselves.  We create situations in our m… Read More

    Saturday, September 16, 2023 — Deuteronomy 16:19-20

           Fairness and equity are important if true justice is to be practiced, valued, and respected.  When our decis… Read More

    Friday, September 15, 2023, — Jeremiah 5:26-29

           It’s not enough for God’s people to only be aware that injustice exists.  Nor is it enough to know that thos… Read More

    Thursday, September 14, 2023 — Isaiah 10:1-2

           God’s sensitivity to the issues and dynamics of power that create systems of injustice is keen.  That we exi… Read More

    Wednesday, September 13, 2023 — 1 Thessalonians 5:14-15

           If we’re honest with ourselves, no one ever benefits when injustice is widespread.  People who suffer injust… Read More

    Tuesday, September 12, 2023 — Deuteronomy 1:15-17c

           Things would be much simpler for us all if we could/would just follow God’s instructions.  Our human attempt… Read More

    Monday, September 11, 2023 — Deuteronomy 19:15-21 and Matthew 5:38-42

           It’s not very often we come across what appear to be contradictions in holy Scripture.  On one hand when a l… Read More

    Sunday, September 10, 2023, Exodus 23:1-8

           The cries for real and true justice flourish amidst the apparent indifference to what true justice is in the worl… Read More

    Saturday, September 9, 2023 – Exodus 23:6-8

           God’s laws are clear and succinct about those things we (as humans) are most likely to do in our efforts to perve… Read More

    Friday, September 8, 2023 – James 2:14-17

           There is no doubt that there is a connection between our faith and our works.  We often see those acts of me… Read More